DJ and Emcee



Your wedding day is one that will leave you with a lifetime of memories. End the day celebrating with an epic dance!

When you book Tony, you get an experienced DJ and Emcee with over 12 years and over 100 weddings under his belt. He will be there ready to go before anyone shows up and will stay until you close down the dance floor. You also get an awesome PA (2 Mackie 550’s), a wireless mic for toasts and announcements, a great set-up of lighting including intelligent lights, lasers, colored dance lights. Back-up equipment is on-site, just in case something breaks and Tony will always wear a suit and tie to look classy for your big day.

Tony’s Wedding DJ philosophy is “Less talk, more rock!” Your guests want to dance, not listen to babble. Don’t worry, he’s not afraid to make an announcement, lead a dance, or help a bride toss her bouquet but most guests usually want to dance and he wants them to have a great time doing that. By playing a mixture of oldies, classic dance songs, top 40, fun throwbacks and whatever the crowd is into, Tony creates a super fun and memorable environment. Nothing makes him happier than a full dance floor and his strengths in DJ’ing are picking songs that will make your guests have fun. At Every wedding, Tony tries to make sure the bride and groom are having fun, the parents of the couple are happy, and the crowd is dancing. When all three of those things come together, It can help make your big day even better!

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